Welcome to Steph's Stuff - a company founded by yours truly, Stephanie Khoo. 

| Enough of this pain, let's do something about it.

My story started in 2017 when I first ripped my hands during a CrossFit WOD (workout of the day). I needed to find a solution for my callused, ripped hands. After researching a few products that were available for hand repair in the local stores, they all had ingredients that I wasn't so keen on.  I was not going to put chemicals on my skin that could potentially make it worse. That was the moment I decided, "I'm gonna make my own Steph's Stuff."

 (Throwback to when Steph's Stuff was first made and distributed as samples)

| No more chemicals on my skin, thank you.

Having grown up with an acned skin, I was always recommended skincare products that had chemicals which never quite did the job of clearing those acne. In fact, those products made my skin even more irritated, red, dry and brittle.

Using all natural and organic ingredients*, Steph's Stuff products are designed to moisturise, protect and repair dry skin. These natural ingredients work with the skin to assist in healing instead of against it. Each ingredient in each product is specially selected to create the perfect formula to do the job.

| The following picture shows how Steph's Stuff Hand Repair Balm works and how each ingredient is beneficial to the skin.

If you have any questions just send us an email on the 'Contact Us' page and we'll get back to you.
* Steph's Stuff uses only premium quality ingredients produced in Western Australia.