Callus Scraper

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Excessive pressure or rubbing can cause calluses to develop on almost any area of skin. As the dead skin (calluses) on your hands start to build up, it is important to remove them and keep your hands smooth. Overgrown calluses often lead to a cycle of blisters and rips. 

The Callus Scraper is an easy and practical way to remove layers of dead skin. 


1. Soak your hands/feet in warm water first before trying to scrap the dead skin off.

2. Scrap off any calluses on your hands / feet. Remember to only use it on dead skin.

3. File off any excess skin to leave it smooth.

3. Moisturise the shaved area with Steph's Stuff Hand Repair Balm. 


The callus shaver comes with 3 extra blades. Each blade is two-sided. When one side becomes dull, simply take the blade out and flip it to the other side.