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Having some quality hand care can be the difference between bouncing back the following week or nursing a constantly torn hand for weeks. Steph’s Stuff Hand Repair Balm is made in Western Australia, using natural and organic ingredients. It is specially crafted to moisturize dry skin, reduce inflammation and provide a protective layer over rips/ blisters to let it heal. It is not only perfect in repairing hand rips but also ensuring you stay gripped on the barbells and pull up rings! As long as you have this on your hands, never worry about missing another day of training or competition. 

How Steph’s Stuff works

1. Protect – Shea butter helps to soften the skin and retain moisture levels while Beeswax helps to protect the skin with its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties

2. Repair – Petroleum jelly, tea tree oil, sandalwood oil, and camphor helps soothe the pain, seals the skin with a protective barrier and assist in skin repair.

3. Prevent – Cocoa butter, jojoba oil, coconut oil helps to prevent rips by luxuriously moisturizing deep within the skin as well as promote new skin cell growth.

    More uses – Hand Rips, Blisters, Cuts and Wounds, Tattoo aftercare, Dry Skin, Cracked heels and Ezcema

    This simple twist tube allows you to apply the balm directly to your hands.

    Apply on cleaned wounds. Apply every 3-4 hours for rips and wounds. Apply daily to moisturise hands/feet. 

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