Magnesium Muscle Rub

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Available in 120g or 240g

Whether you are recovering from an intense session at the gym or just feeling stiff and tight from your daily aches, your body deserves some TLC. 

Steph's Stuff Muscle Rub contains magnesium (50mg per 1g), arnica oil and evening primose oil and many other natural ingredients to soothe those tired muscles. Not only does it promote recovery, it also moisturises the skin with certified organic cocoa butter and almond oil.

The Muscle Rub is easy to massage on and easily absorb through the skin to invigorate your skin and relax muscle tension. 

Best used for

- Muscle Aches and Pain

- Post Workout

- Before Bed to relieve muscle stiffness or cramping



Customer Reviews

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Works a treat!

I applied this the night I recieved it- having left it in the fridge it felt SO good on my sore legs. It made a noticible difference to my DOMs the next day as I wasn't hobbling like a granny! Smells great and applies well as the rub warms up to your body temp.

I look forward to restocking!

Muscle rub

I highly recommend Steph's muscle rub.I use it daily and love how it helps my sore muscles and it is amazing on my tennis elbow.


Muscle Rub